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From inside the Freemason’s Hall

Sunday, 01 October 2017 by
What a weekend we’ve had! This weekend saw a very special celebration take place in our very own London City. We’ve been known to play a few Masonic events in the past, but this one really took the biscuit! Celebrating the United Grand Lodge of England’s tercentenary anniversary, where the Freemason Hall transformed into one

Meet the Jazz Trio

Friday, 04 August 2017 by
You’ve seen the full band, now meet the Jazz Trio ! Now, you all know we spend our weekends playing countless weddings, parties and other events. (And we love it!) But did you know we also have a Jazz Trio that travel around the country entertaining the guests during dinner, or canapés! The guys perform
We’re famous in Germany ?! We’re so excited to show you all the fruits of our hard work last year. Did you see some funny posts? Big cameras, Max in a vintage Car, Laura and Dave playing the dolphins with a mysterious man? Well now you can see why! Almost 1 year ago today, we
Traditional or Contemporary?! There’s so many decisions to make on your big day. Dress?✓ Food?✓ Band?✓ But what about music during the ceremony? Here are some of our favourite songs to walk down the aisle to, to give you some inspiration. Canon in D Such a beautiful piece. The simplicity of an acoustic guitar ringing