Silent Disco Hire

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silent disco.jpeg

You provide the music and we will provide the party,

Our LED headphones are easy to use with the plug and play transmitter. The transmitter comes with 3 channels, which ensures that no one is left disappointed.

Plug in the transmitters, attach your phone or laptop, turn on the headphones and you have yourself a silent disco. It’s as simple as that.

We deliver your headsets and transmitters direct to your event. All you need to do once you’re done is put the kit back in the box and we'll collect the next working day.


Simply contact us with your requirements and we will handle everything.

This is a great addition to any party, but can also be hired as a stand alone product, you don't need to have the band play before hand. 

Variety Of Music

Our Silent disco headphones have three channels, which means you can keep everyone happy with three different styles of music. Think 80's cheese on one channel, Nu Metal on another and more modern ones for the kids!

Alternative Entertainment

Let your quirky wedding stand out from the crowd with this fun, unique and alternative wedding entertainment.

No More Noise Restrictions

Silent disco is a great solution to those pesky noise limiters. You now have the choice to either leave your music playing out loud until curfew, or to have a completely silent disco wedding.

Wireless Music

Our headphone's signals can reach 500m, meaning that during your silent disco wedding, your guests can relax, go to the bar and move around with these wireless headphones, without missing out on their favourite songs.


Our headphones are available as a dry hire - which means it is the headphones and transmitters only, which will be sent to your venue.
Or they can be used with our Lighting set up as an extra to the band after hours.
We can also take song requests and 'Man' The DJ :)

10 Headsets

£110 Rental + £100 deposit

30 Headsets

£180 Rental + £150 deposit 

50 Headsets 

£240 Rental + £200 deposit