• Arrival: As a standard we expect to arrive from 6pm, unless otherwise agreed, please let us know as soon as you can if we will need to arrive much earlier, a small waiting fee may be charged.

  • Food:  We travel far and work long hours, So a proper meal for the band is really important. We require 5xhot meals on the day. (2x gluten free, 3x 'normal') It’s also great to have somewhere to sit before and between the live sets!

  • Set times: To fill the floor, avoid placing sets straight after eating, or during a buffet! A dancefloor is always busier after the guests have had a few drinks ;)

  • Venue: Please let us know if the venue has an unusual layout, a sound limiter or requirements – So we can prepare for this before the day

  • DJ: If you have not booked the DJ set, we will leave after our last set is over. If you plan to keep the party going after we leave, make sure you have your own PA and lighting ready to go!

  • Soundchecks: While we make our best efforts to be as non-intrusive as possible; Sound-checks are a really important part of getting ready and getting the sound just right for your special day! If possible, arrange a place for your guests to retire while we do this. An empty room isn’t vital though – So don’t panic if that’s not possible. We’ll find the best way to suit your event.



i) The Client and The Band Leader agree that any equipment and instruments used for the event are for the sole use of the musicians in the band and are not for public use, unless otherwise agreed.

ii) The Client agrees that no guests will have access to the stage area or backstage area for safety reasons, unless agreed beforehand.

iii) The Client will be responsible for a safe supply of electricity and the security of the musicians and their property at the venue. Refreshments will be kept a safe distance from The Band’s equipment and stage area at all times.

iv) The Client is responsible for any theft or damage to the equipment that may occur during the time the equipment is located on the premises.

v) The Band will provide all relevant equipment as part of their service. Including a PA System, Lighting, and Instruments.


i) The Band will require access to the performance area in the venue on the date of the event to set up their equipment. If The Client has specific requirements regarding set up times this must be notified to The Band upon the signing of this contract.

ii) The Band will require 1 ½ hours to set up & 1 hour to take down and remove all equipment from the premises.

iii) The Band will include a 1 song encore in their agreed set. For extra songs after the encore a price must be agreed beforehand. DJ set’s after midnight will increase by £50 per hour, starting at £100 between 00.00-01.00.

iv) Either, The Client may chose a set list comprised of songs from the band’s repertoire, or The Band will assemble a set list suited to the event. A finalised set list from The Client must be agreed 4 weeks prior to the performance date. The Band reserves the right to make adjustments to the set on the night.

The Client

i) For outside performances, The Client will provide a waterproof shelter to cover The Band in the event of wet weather.

ii) The Client agrees to allow The Band to take photos or videos of the performance for promotional purposes. 

iii) The Client agrees to provide each band member with a hot meal and soft drinks during the event. Please note that we have 2x gluten intolerance’s and 3x ‘normal’.

Payments, Cancelations and Repercussions

i) It is agreed that the Fee stated above will be paid prior to or on the day of the event. If this does not happen, a surcharge of 10% will be added unless agreed otherwise. Payment can be made in Cash, Bank Transfer or Cheque. Cheques are required to be paid a week in advance. 

ii) The Client will pay a non-refundable 30% deposit before the event date. 

iii) In the event that The Client cancels within 16 weeks prior to the date of the event, 50% of the fee due shall be payable to The Band. In the event that The Client cancels a performance less than 4 weeks before the date of the event the full agreed fee will be paid as liquidated damages. Should The Client cancel before 16 weeks, no extra money will be charged.

iv) The non-refundable deposit will only be refunded to The Client should The Band cancel. 

V) The Band will hire stand in musicians to cover illness, however the agreement that musicians perform is subject to serious injury, strikes, epidemic, death and acts of god.

vi) In the event of a problem, The Client must notify The Band Leader.

vii) This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the England Law


  1. In the event that Government restrictions in England are such that a wedding ceremony of 50 or more persons can not go ahead, the client will be given an opportunity to postpone the booking to a new date. The client must give 4 weeks notice of their wish to postpone.

  2. In the event the booking is successfully postponed to a new date, all fees, including the deposit will be transferred to this new date. If the client cancels this new date, the band reserve the right to charge cancelation fees and retain the deposit (see clause 4 iii). The new date must be agreed by both parties before the postponement can be confirmed. If the client can not offer a new date that the band is available for then the band is no longer required to offer a postponement and the cancelation will be treated as a normal cancelation

  3. In the event of a Government enforced UK lockdown, all money paid will be returned.