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COVID-19 What to do if your Wedding could be canceled.

Hello lovely Brides and Grooms, Birthday people and Summer Party Creators, What happened to 2020? I'm personally thinking about just throwing away my 2020 calendar and sleeping until 2021. With lockdown extended until May 7th (and let's face it, probably longer) & Boris Johnson banning mass gatherings including weddings, we're all left wondering what is the future for weddings this year?

It feels like the UK hasn't been very decisive about anything. We're all stuck in limbo, and no one knows if normal life will be able to resume in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months. I think we may have to accept that Summer is officially written off.

We're all trying to navigate unchartered waters now, so what are your options?

Reschedule? Zoom wedding? Cancel completely? (Please don't) Marry in a registry office and party next year?

With the info ever changing, this is how I believe it to be currently -

Marriage Venues:

While Church of England have closed their doors for public worship,  private prayer and all other meetings and activities except for vital community services until further notice, some registry offices and venues have pulled services and others remain open. Get in touch with yours directly, and find out your options.

International Travel: How does international travel affect you? Perhaps you have family traveling from abroad to join your wedding, or perhaps you were meant to be eloping to paradise. When will travel abroad will resume? What is best for you?

If you were planning to elope, perhaps consider getting married in the UK. I would think that our individual countries will be more lenient with the rules before international travel resumes. There are some beautiful UK venues that who will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

Bring the country you were planning on getting married to you. Paris? Hire an accordion player! Italy? Spaghetti and Gelato. Brazil? There are some awesome Brazilian dancers out there, we saw some at a wedding we played in Devon! Help! While we don't have the answers, we are here to support what ever decision you make. Please get in touch if you're worried about your wedding. We are asking all our couples to RESCHEDULE and not CANCEL! Don't let this virus ruin everything.

Money: If you're worried about deposits or losing money, I would hope that all your suppliers will be willing to work with you to help. Obviously, this is a very hard time for wedding suppliers. We're coming into the peak season and have no idea how long this will last, which sucks. But on the positive note, we know that next year will be crazy busy! We are currently suggesting that all our Brides, Grooms and Party Makers reschedule, and carry the deposit over to the new date. We will honour the original price, and help to make the transition as easy as possible. Here are some things for you to consider:


Consider that 2021 will be pretty booked up already. Perhaps have a midweek wedding in Summer 2021, or a off peak wedding. Some wedding suppliers have a discount for midweek weddings, so remember to politely ask them if there is a reduced rate for offpeak. Especially if you had booked a Saturday Summer wedding and you're now looking at a Thursday wedding in October. Similarly, if you had booked a weekday wedding originally, there may be an extra fee for a rescheduled wedding on a Saturday - but of course, that's something that each individual supplier will talk to you about. Wedding Insurance: Can you believe, after performing at weddings for over 8 years, I only just found out that some people have Wedding Insurance! Look into this (if you have it already). Some insurance companies won't cover you for COVID-19, but in most cases, depending on the type of cover a couple takes out, a wedding will be covered by insurance policies for the following:

  • If a venue goes busts or cancels on you

  • A supplier lets you down

  • You’re forced to cancel because key guest can’t attend due to poor health

  • Personal liability and legal expenses

  • Lost, stolen or damaged goods

I think if the Government is still enforcing rules about mass gatherings, your venue would have to 'cancel on you', your supplier would have to 'let you down'. So perhaps you would be covered.

Get Married anyway: And have the party next year! We have had a lovely couple reschedule their big day for April next year, but they are planning to still get married on their original date (30th May). That's assuming no rules change in that time. And if you wanted to, you could live stream it for your friends and family, and have a big ZOOM date that evening, crack open the Champagne, and turn this Lockdown into a Lockup.. Honeymoon at home, and know you have something else to look forward to next year. Give us a call if you want to chat about anything, we're happy to answer your questions! We're all in this together!

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