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Stage Invaders!

I LOVE my job, I love our clients, and I love the memories!

This is just for lols.

Performing in front of hundreds of people is fun, but what happens when they decide to break the 4th wall and get on stage? I mean, we jump in to the audience, isn’t that an invitation for them to join us?


Don’t get me wrong, it can actually be quite funny. And after 6 years, you learn how to deal with it, and how to suss out which people are going to cause problems and which ones are just fine to leave to it.

I could tell you countless stories about some of those invasions, but for the purpose of this article I will only stick to a couple. No names though.. Weddings are special days, and we don’t want to be embarrassing anyone now! Although, there is a couple of photos.. Let’s hope you don’t recognise yourselves!


Ah, to those Bridemaids who think they have been hired to be my backing dancers.

One particular person springs to mind though. Not only did she seriously flirt with every boy in the band, she really got into it on stage. Serious jiving, and to make matters worse, our stage was a little cramped anyway AND very, very wobbly. At one point I thought the speakers would fall on the crowd!

The more we tried to ignore her and just do our own thing, the more into it she got, so the more the stage started to feel like a ship on the open sea. It’s ok, she just spilt her drink on the extension cord and left the stage after a little smiley word from me. Beyonce aint got nothing on this gal!

Monitor Trip

Oh, Oh, Oh. Please stop falling into the stage! Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we smile through the pain. But regardless, we just pick them up and get on with it. One woman, bless her, fell into the stage and in her panic just started rolling all over the place. All over the pedals. And every time she looked like she was nearly up, she was back down again. She had a little sit down after that.

Our monitor must be lethal! Or people are just living on the edge, quite literally, getting as close to the stage as humanly possible and sometimes just not quite judging it right. No humans were hurt while making this story (that might not be true)


I actually love the kids, I invite them up! (If they’re being cute about it). We’ve had girls stand at the side of the stage and practice their made-up routines and then feel like superstars on stage.

We had one boy, who I’ll never forget, He had been taking guitar lessons and got up for an Air Guitar Solo — EPIC! He also played Back in Black with Max during the break, plugged in, on stage. His family were loving it, and you could tell he was really proud of himself!

Then there are the other kids, who have maybe had a bit too much sugar, just going mental behind Sam while he’s drumming away. That makes me chuckle. Check out the video here


Maria Carey:

“Can I sing?” “Give me the mic” “I’m actually a pretty good singer, but I never took it up professionaly” — Back off! I’m so funny about my mic! Nooooo, no one can use it! And if they do, expect to be offended while I spray it with anti-bacterial stuff!

We have a special speech mic for those of you that do want to use the mic by the way..!

Bongo Playing Dad

Saving the best ‘til last. This guy, This guy! What an absolute legend. No invitation, he just got his bongos from the house (we were playing in his Garden) and set up camp at the back of the stage. He was LOVING it. I’m sure I have a photo somewhere.. Searching, searching, FOUND IT!

Such a funny memory, He didn’t get in the way, he didn’t spill his drink everywhere, or spit in my mic, or push us around. He just casually did his thing, closed his eyes, and felt the music. I loved this man!

‘Living on a Prayer’ has never sounded so good.

Anyway! There’s some ramblings for you! Really I should be enjoying this nice weather or learning some new songs for tomorrow’s band practice. But I feel nostalgic so there’s some stories for you

❤ ❤ ❤ Also, My heartthrob of the week:

Definitely the bongo playing Father of the Bride ❤ ❤ ❤

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