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Wanna be like us?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Well you can! Did you know everyone (apart from Laura) teaches their craft?

Why not Laura you ask? Well, she's just not patient enough to listen to bad singers! Sorry guys. Sam teaches Drums privately, while Max teaches guitar in schools and privately, and Dave teaches piano and guitar. Matt used to be Head of Music in a secondary school (in Nottingham) but now teaches privately, although (insider knowledge) he is actually a guitarist first, bassist second! So he teaches Guitar.

The amazing thing about the guys in the band, is that most of them are able to play multiple instruments - and you get to see this sometimes on stage when we perform. Sometimes on songs like '500 Miles', Matt ends up on guitar & Dave on Bass, and I'm sure one day Laura turned around on stage and saw Sam on the bass and Matt on the Drums for 'Don't Stop Believing'!

If you're thinking about getting lessons, then look no further than The One Night Band. Links below:

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