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Why a videographer is essential to capture your band.

Introducing the lovely Tash from Musk Wedding Films as our guest blogger today - We had the pleasure of working with her last year at Wasing Park, for Laura and Sam's wedding. She's super friendly, personable and stealth! Not only that, but her footage is great. We'd really recommend checking her out if you're looking for a wedding videographer, and if you're not.. then maybe you should reconsider ;)


Meet Tash

Hello! I’m Tash and I’m the wedding videographer from Musk Wedding Films. My style of videography is natural and fun. I wait until your big day is done and dusted before I really know how the edit is going to turn out -mainly because I need to get to know you and your guests before the decision is made!

But what I do love is the evening party of a wedding! This is the moment you and your guests truly get to let your hair down and have a good time. I absolutely love being on the dance floor, weaving in and out of everyone trying to get those hilarious shots of you all crazy dancing.

Why you need a band for your big day from a videographers point of view.

Having a band is the one thing you must MUST consider having. There really is nothing like an evening party when there is an amazing band banging out all those classics. I remember one particular wedding last Summer was when I first met The One Night Band and I got to film them do their set for Laura and Sam’s evening party. I stayed longer than I was booked for that night because I was getting such good footage of the couple and their guests dancing away to their set - as well as having a little boogie myself!

They really pulled it out of the bag with hits like Valerie or Respect and even came out onto the dance floor to be with the partying guests, which is something I rarely see at weddings!

Ok that’s it, I definitely want a band! But why is it also important to consider a videographer?

Here I want to talk about why having a videographer is essential to capturing your band for your big day and how we can capture their true essence rather than just photos.

It’s an obvious one in that a wedding videographer will be there to capture the whole day and there’s lots of reasons I talk about in a previous blog here.

Having only a photographer is great, but there are so many moments a photographer cannot capture in just a photo. For example, a photo can’t allow you to hear a persons laugh or their speech during your big day. They can’t capture the true essence of your band. With a video, it can recreate the real atmosphere you felt on the day and you can hear as well as see how incredible they were when they performed that night.

Sadly your band will eventually pack up and go home, leaving you with a few short memories in your mind to try to remember for years to come - your video will be there at the end of it all helping you to relive it!


Want to know more?

Check out Tash at Musk Wedding Films!

Here's a few cheeky clips of the band from that wedding

And the beautiful finished video from Musk Wedding Films, of Laura and Sam's big day.

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