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Supplier Highlight! Sussex Wedding Photographer - Dale Weeks

Time to share some love!

We've had the opportunity to work with some amazing wedding suppliers, from Caterers, Florists, Videographers and Photographers. We're not here to gatekeep!

So here is a supplier highlight to one of our favourite Wedding Photographers!

Dale describes himself as a 'Third Wheel for hire' which we love.

Dale is totally down to earth. We had the pleasure of working with him at Gildredge Manor in Eastbourne, and during a very long break we got to know and love him.

He has a relaxed, candid style!

Here is some of his photos, including ones he took of us at that very wedding we met him at <3

And here's a little info from him!

You probably want a wedding photographer who will blend in and one that you probably won't notice too much. You don't like the idea of having to disappear away from your guests for too long, and hate the idea of standing with an aching face, smiling through hundreds of group shots. You probably want photos that show off how good everyone looked when they made the effort to dress up and celebrate with you, and to remember all those shiny happy faces of friends and family having fun on your wedding day. You've put in the effort to make sure everyone, including yourselves, is having a good time - so let's get some beautiful photographs of just that.

80% Candid smiles and happiness, 15% taking you away from guests for quiet time and couple portraits, 5% fun Group photos to document your family for the history books. 100% memories being made (was that last bit too much cheese?)

Go check out Dale, you won't regret it!

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